Sirona Awards

Sirona Awards for Excellence 2018


The most important asset of any organisation is its people. Happy, healthy staff are more motivated, productive and loyal as research frequently proves. Having a company strategy to keep staff happy and healthy is vital, as is putting into practice policy and procedures where employee health and wellbeing are concerned. Managers in the front line, often face mental health or physical health conditions in their day to day responsibilities with their fellow team members or direct reports.

The people looking after people within an organisation are key to success. They deserve recognition for the support they offer and for helping others do their jobs when dealing with a health-related obstacle.  

In the spirit of recognition, Cordell Health was delighted to be asked to sponsor the Health and Wellbeing Award at the recent annual Sirona Awards for Excellence 2018Cordell Health have recently been appointed by Sirona care & health* to provide a tailored occupational health support service to their highly dedicated team. 

The Health and Wellbeing Award, a new addition to 2018 event, was created to recognise an employee for their support of others within Sirona. 

The criteria for the award specified an employee who: 

had shown leadership in supporting team members or colleagues with regard to their health at work and demonstrated their commitment to helping others with a long-term health condition or disability to overcome the barrier to remain in or return to work. 

Nikki Cordell, Managing Director of Cordell Health presented the award at the event held in October at The Bristol and Bath Science Park. Quoting extracts from the winning nomination, Nikki said:

“In her nomination, our winner was described as a ‘tireless, supportive, compassionate team leader and a highly committed professional’. She works hard to support every individual in her team and ensures that anyone returning to work after an extended absence has a properly supported and organised plan.

She will meet regularly with anyone off work, or needing her support and will selflessly take on a heavier workload to ensure that other staff are protected and safe at work. Her efforts are met with the full support of her team who really value and respect her commitment and would like nothing more than for her to win this award tonight.”

The Health and Wellbeing Award 2018 was won by district nurse Claire Eccles, Team Leader for Leap Valley District Nurses. Congratulations Claire! You are a fantastic workplace role model, worthy of the award for all your support of others. 

It is great to see organisations embracing and recognising health and wellbeing champions in the workplace. Do you have a Claire amongst your team? What are your plans to make sure their efforts to look after your people get the recognition they deserve? 

*Sirona care & health provide high quality, NHS specialist health and social care services across South Gloucestershire, parts of Bristol & Bath and North East Somerset.