New Years resolutions for business: 10 changes to get the most out of your team


As we step joyfully into 2018, full of promise and hope for the year ahead, many of us are thinking about the things we’d like to improve about our lives. Often they are personal (eat less, exercise more and sleep A LOT, being mine), and sometimes they are changes that will improve other people’s lives.

2017 saw figures for stress related issues at work at an all time high with the Health and Safety Executive reporting that over 526,000 new workers suffered from stress, depression or anxiety. You might not be running your own business or enterprise but if you’re a line manager you have a chance to make a massive difference to the health and wellbeing of your colleagues in the year ahead. A few simple resolutions for 2018 may help you deliver a healthier and more productive workplace for your organisation.

So, with no further ado, here we give you some inspiration with our New Years resolutions for managers, to help you get the most out of your team. Follow even just one or two of these and YOU will be rewarded with a more productive team as well as an improvement to your working life every day.

1.    Lead by example. Be the kind of manager that celebrates productivity during the working day (rather than after hours), and rewards employees for outputs achieved rather than time spent in the office. You hold the key to the office culture.

2.    Treat people right. Be fair, be kind, and be consistent in your directions and creative in your solutions. Sometimes a little bit of (managerial) flexibility can go a long way.

3.    Listen. Carefully. Take onboard feedback and act positively.

4.    Listen some more. Listen to what is not being said and then think carefully. It’s often what is not being said that sets the alarm bells ringing, and it could be that someone in your team is in need of some support and some Mental Health First Aid.

5.    Be understanding. Your employees’ problems may not be coming from the office, sometimes life just gets in the way. With a bit of understanding and creative thinking you can give them the space and flexibility to heal themselves, and they’ll be back on form much quicker than if you just hope the problem will just go away.

6.    Invest in health & wellbeing. Encourage your team to move their bodies for at least 30 - 60 minutes a day. A walk, a workout in the gym or yoga class, …anything they can manage during the day. They will feel less tired and with those endorphins flowing they’ll be happier and more focused at work.

7.    Invest in education. An inspired and up-skilled team is good for business. Education does not have to be just for the job either; wellbeing education to encourage healthy sleeping, drinking and eating habits can also improve productivity, positivity and loyalty.

8.    Open your door. Encourage your team to come to you without judgment or fear for any kind of problem, take them seriously, address their complaints or just listen to find out what they need and put support in place.

9.    Deal with your stress. Be predictable, calm, positive and realistic. If you’re stressed, practice what you preach, take a walk, breathe and talk to YOUR line manager!

10. Don’t give up! Changing habits or management style isn’t easy. Ride the setbacks and stick at it. Forgive your failures, reward your successes, and take it day by day.

We’d love to hear what your businesses healthy objectives are for 2018? Are they resolutions that you think you can keep?