Dr Robin Cordell


I am an accredited specialist in Occupational Medicine, and a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FFOM), with over 20 years' experience advising organisations on health and healthcare policy, and delivering healthcare services. 

As Medical Director of Cordell Health I have overall responsibility for our clinical policy, quality and assurance of the occupational health services we deliver.  

In my specialist capacity as a consultant in Occupational Medicine, in addition to oversight of all our clinical staff, I undertake casework on referral from employers for individuals with complex health and work issues, and also provide management consultancy advice to organisations on assessing the requirement, clinical specification, procurement and assurance of occupational healthcare services.

Using my experience in healthcare leadership, and knowledge gained through my MBA and membership of management institutes, recent examples of consultancy advice include my role as clinical lead for the successful tender by PwC in 2015 for the assurance of the UK Government's Fit for Work service, and subsequent roll-out. 

Having established the clinical aspects of this assurance service on behalf of PwC, I was then taken on by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) as the lead occupational health advisor for the Department.  In addition to advising on policy, delivery and assurance of the Fit for Work service across Great Britain, and on the Fit Note, I also provided specialist advice on how best to support those with health conditions and disabilities who are not employed into work.  

Robin Cordell

Building on this experience, since leaving DWP I have been working in two of my charitable roles, as President of the Society of Occupational Medicine (2015-16) and in my appointment in May 2016 as a director of the Council for Work and Health, to develop the role of occupational health professionals to engage as consultants with businesses, Chambers of Commerce, local government Health and Wellbeing Boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Job Centre Plus and other community services.  

For 20 years up to 2013, I served in the Defence Medical Services (DMS), including delivering healthcare support on operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.  In my last five years, I was the Allied Command Operations Medical Advisor, based at SHAPE in Belgium, responsible for co-ordinating medical support to all NATO operations, and finally Head of Medical Strategy and Policy at HQ Surgeon General.  

Robin Cordell

My other two charitable roles are as Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee on the health of veterans, and Deputy Chairman of the Soldiering On Awards.