New and Expectant Mothers – Risk Assessments

Being pregnant or a new mother does not prevent someone from working, however, in some workplaces, there are risks that may affect the health and safety of new and expectant mothers and that of their child.   There are specific laws that require employers to protect the health and safety of new and expectant mothers. 

A workplace risk assessment should already consider any risks to female employees of childbearing age and, in particular, risks to new and expectant mothers (for example, from working conditions, or the use of physical, chemical or biological agents). Any risks identified must be included and managed as part of the general workplace risk assessment.

When notified that an employee is pregnant, breastfeeding or has given birth within the last six months, the workplace risk assessment should be reviewed in case any new risks have arisen. If you need help with assessing risks for new or expectant mothers, Corporate Health would be pleased to give up to date and occupationally specific advice. 

Information on new and expectant mothers who work and their health and safety can be found at:


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