Offshore Medicals

Revised guidelines, Medical Aspects of Fitness for Offshore Work have been drawn up setting out the health and fitness requirements for working offshore in the oil and gas industry have been published by the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA). They replace guidelines which were published in 1998.

The offshore environment is remote, with challenging weather conditions of storms and ocean swells.  UKOOA have stated on their website that “The sheer size of the installations with their numerous stairways, ladders and over-sea walkways, even the modes of transport to and from the workplace, all require a certain degree of alertness, physical mobility, co-ordination and stamina in the offshore worker.”

For that reason, every person working offshore must have a medical assessment at least every three years, depending on his or her age and require to be carried out a doctor recommended by the UKOOA Health Advisory Committee. Corporate Health have doctors who are registered to undertake these medicals. 

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