Case Management

Case Management

Cordell Health has extensive experience in providing a full range of case management services from pre-placement screening and routine referrals, to workplace assessments, and ill health retirement. Our aim is to help your organisation work well.

At Cordell Health, we are able to provide specialist telephone, face to face and workplace assessments, assessing an employee with a health condition on their fitness for work and any recommendations with regard to adjustments, restrictions and any specific advice required by the employer.  Our consultants in Occupational Medicine are experienced in complex case management issues. We also have early intervention work related stress service and musculoskeletal service which can provide ergonomic workplace assessments and vehicle assessments as well as musculoskeletal case management.  

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is the medical specialty that looks at the interaction between health and work.

At is core, we consider the impact of health problems on people’s fitness for their work, and how their work can affect their health. 

We are therefore engaged in supporting people who have health problems to sustain them in work, and also to advise where health problems might place an individual at risk to themselves (and potentially others). Examples would include supporting the employer’s risk assessment by advising on what a person with epilepsy can safely do, and what it would be unsafe for them to do. This will include legislative requirements, fitness to drive at work, fitness to operate machinery, and for working at height.

Traditionally those in occupational health (and its old name of industrial medicine) considered the hazards from large scale industry, and through working with employers these have substantially decreased over the years. There are nonetheless still many hazards to physical and mental health in the workplace that we advise on reducing the risk of, including workplace stress.

We in occupational health can help reduce sickness absence and employee health risks, improve return-to-work rates and help meet legal health and safety requirements. 

Pre-placement Screening

Cordell Health offers pre-placement screening services and can also provide baseline health surveillance or fitness for work screening medicals for those employees who will be employed in a role which has been risk assessed by the employer to have potential risks to the employee’s health. 

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Prior to offering an individual the job, health-related questions can only be asked to:    

  • Help decide whether there is a need to make reasonable adjustments to the selection process 
  • Help decide whether an applicant can carry out an essential part of the job 
  • Monitor diversity amongst applicants 
  • Take positive action to help disabled people 
  • Ensure that an individual has a disability where there is a genuine requirement to have a disability (for example, a mental health counsellor being required to have experience of mental health). 

The employer can discuss possible adjustments with a disabled employee but cannot rely on the employee alone to think of adjustments. Employers should advise all new employees that all medical information is supplied to their appointed occupational health service provider only and this information will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Information supplied to the employer will be sufficient to assist them in understanding the applicant’s fitness to undertake the role and any adjustments for the employer to consider in order to support the applicant.

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Ill Health Retirement and Medical Capability

Cordell Health offers advice on ill health retirement and medical capability where it is unlikely that employees will be fit to return to their substantive role in the medium to long term. 

It is for the employer to make a judgment from a business perspective of how much sickness absence they are able to tolerate from an employee.  This will depend on the size of the business and nature of the role within the business. Some individuals may be potentially absent for a long period of time but not meet specific criteria for ill health retirement where this is a potential option for the employee. 

 It should be noted that for each ill health retirement pension scheme there will be specific rules and criteria which will need to be met for the trustees of the pension to award the pension.  The occupational physicians working for Cordell Health are very experienced in managing ill health retirement cases which can be very complicated and take a significant amount of time to obtain the evidence required for the Pension Trustees. 

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