Our Team


Dr Robin Cordell

As Medical Director of Cordell Health, I have overall responsibility for strategy, business performance and organisation of service delivery.

I am an accredited specialist in occupational medicine, and a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FFOM), with over 20 years' experience advising organisations on health and healthcare policy, and delivering healthcare services. 

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Dr Nikki Cordell

As Managing Director of Cordell Health I have overall responsibility for our clinical policy, quality and assurance of the occupational health services we deliver.  

An accredited specialist in Occupational Medicine, and a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FFOM), with over 15 years experience in delivering occupational health services, first within the military and subsequently in the private and third sector. 

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Jenny Janes

Our non-Executive Director, Jenny supports our social mission through providing the perspective of an employer within the Engineering sector.

As Chairman and Managing Director of Kinder-Janes Engineers Ltd, based in St Alban’s and now celebrating 60 years since its founding, Jenny has provided leadership and business success through attention to the needs of customers and the needs of the people serving the customers. 

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Sue Bedford

Our mental resilience trainer, Sue specialises in working with organisations and individuals on stress management and emotional resilience.

Through her work as an occupational health advisor, Sue realised the importance of understanding mental resilience in more depth with the aim of preventing referrals to occupational health when sickness absence occurred as a result of this condition. 

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Kathryn Smith

As Business Support Manager my role is very varied and enables me to support the business in many areas, from customer service to quality management. 

One of my responsibilities is to oversee the daily running of the business and have an in-depth knowledge of the operations of Cordell Health in order to do so. 

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Sarah Nisar

Our workplace ergonomics trainer, Sarah's background as a Physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal disorders provides her with an in depth understanding of the health aspects of ergonomics.

She has worked as a senior and clinical lead Physiotherapist, in the NHS, for 30 years teaching both staff and students. 

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